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Welcome to our website, here you will not only find the superb Impulse4-Universal-Remote-Control, you will also find great value prices for the most common German-Remote-Controls here too.

Hormann-Remote-Controls, Marantec-Remote-Controls, BFT-Remote-Controls, Henderson-Remote-Controls, Sommer-Remote-Controls, CAME-Remote-Controls and of course our superb:


Here at DoorAutomationDirect.com we take pride in our commitment and ability to overcome obstacles when it comes to innovative design, technological advances and customer values.

You may well be just visiting out of curiosity, you may be a manufacturer checking us out and wondering how we managed to combine all this different technology into impulse4-just one small, compact tactile robust unit; you may be a potential customer simply looking for great value for money.

Whatever the reason for your visit, we thank you for taking time out to browse.


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